Set in NYC in the late ’80s, Street Children explores the romantic idealism, shattered dreams, and high cost of living experienced by the transgender and queer community of the Lower Hudson piers. The story follows the intertwining journeys of three young characters who are reeling in the aftermath of their beloved street mother’s cruel murder. Ultimately, they must choose between the thrills and camaraderie of life as they know it, and the safety and stability of a quieter existence—albeit one potentially defined by isolation and ostracism.

November 30 - December 17: New Ohio Theatre


Shoptalk is a casual, intimate Q&A between Vertigo community members and invited guests. Each meetup features a select producer, director, writer, actor, designer, or other artistic professional. Shoptalk invites guests to share both their professional expertise and their personal stories in order to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of emerging artists.

The Living Room Series

A limited engagement of site-specific, commissioned work, The Living Room Series showcases emerging playwrights and fresh talent. Guests are invited to continue conversations and exchange ideas at post-show receptions that include complimentary drinks and food.


Vertigo’s own staged reading series, is a four-week workshop that connects artists from various theatrical communities to promote creative collaboration in the development of original work. Workshops culminate in a free, public presentation of works in progress. Meet the creative teams from last year’s COLLAB at BAM.

Vertigo Theater Company expects to announce the call for submissions for the next COLLAB in early 2016.