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Graveyard Shift

Vertigo Theater Company has been invited to participate in 59E59 Theater's invitation-only reading series in July!

We couldn't be more excited to get behind the new play "Graveyard Shift" by the incredibly talented Korde Arrington Tuttle, directed by the wonderful Whitney White.

When Janelle relocates to Texas for the opportunity of a lifetime, she and her partner, Kane, are reminded that the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be horrific. For three Waller Country police officers, how might those same consequences manifest themselves along racialized and gendered lines? Graveyard Shift, loosely inspired by the legacy of Sandra Bland, is a love story about collision, opposing ideologies, interests, truth, and how the characters in this play make sense of them. Or don't.

The reading will be followed by a Shoptalk Salon hosted by Kirya Traber.


Vertigo Theater Company

Engages directly with distinct communities in the collaborative process and strives to expose truth while unpacking the highlighted culture/s within the work.  We achieve this through varied practices including salons, workshops and full productions